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توصيل مجاني ١-٢ يوم . الترجيع مجاني . الدفع عند الإستلام
توصيل مجاني ١-٢ يوم . الترجيع مجاني . الدفع عند الإستلام

Aquafresh Milk Teeth 0-2 Years Kids Toothpaste 50ml (Made in Britain).


WHO IS IT FOR: For babies
0-2 years with at least one erupted tooth. Everyday sugar
acids can cause tooth
decay and cavities, and
because enamel on
milk teeth is up to
50%  thinner than adults’, they need extra care.
Aquafresh Milk Teeth toothpaste is gentle on your
baby’s teeth and has a mild flavour which makes it a perfect
choice for
your toddler.  WHAT CAUSES TOOTH DECAY: Due
to everyday sugar acid attacks, the amount of minerals in teeth
enamel can decline,
which can lead to the risk of
tooth decay and cavities.  Aquafresh Milk
Teeth toothpaste formulation is highly effective at delivering fluoride to enamel surfaces and helping remineralize
early enamel lesions, thereby helping to protect against  attacks
by sugar acids.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF BABY TEETH: Oral hygiene is important from
the youngest age. To reduce risk of tooth decay, twice-daily brushing is highly recommended. With  regular brushing, its low-abrasivity formula protects
against cavities, strengthens enamel and
gently cleans.